Funny Get Well Messages

Is someone you know sick? They might need some humor to cheer them up. Find funny get well soon messages right here.

Funny Get Well Messages

1. Just now I came to know of an untold truth about you. I cannot believe that you can do this. I never expected that you will do that. Isn't this shocking for us that you like that nurse so much! That's why, you are making fools out of us saying that you are sick. I am sorry, the joke was just because I wanted to see a sweet smile on your face. I wish you a speedy recovery.

2. Now this is a proof that you are the lazy bone. That's why you are taking too much time to recover. You do not have anything to do because you are sick. I'm doing all your work. So, my dear, just be an active person and have a speedy recovery.

3. You're taking too much time to recover. Now I am frustrated since I have no one to fight with. So, get well soon so I can come over and bother you.

4. All the animals are praying to God. They are saying that their king is not feeling well. So dear friend, not for us but for your animals, get well soon. They are missing their king.

5. People are wondering why you are taking such a long time to recover. But I know that you wish to enjoy your 'official' holidays. But don't forget, "Work pays". So, get well soon and get back to work!

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