Get Well Messages

When someone is not keeping well, it's apt to send a get well soon message. Find such messages over here.

Get Well Messages

1. I pray for you every time. I hope you feel better now. I wish to see you soon with a healthy smile. Take care.

2. From the time you're down with this illness, I am feeling so upset. I don't feel like doing anything. I only wish you get well soon and be absolutely fit and fine.

3. These days, the sun does not rise happily,
Birds do not sing happily;
Because all of them know,
My best buddy is sick.
Take care dear.

4. All my wishes are with you,
All my prayers are only for you,
We live apart, yet my heart is with you,
Lots of fun is awaiting you.
Until then, wishing you a speedy recovery!

5. When all of us meet,
We try to have fun.
But that just doesn't happen,
Because all fun is incomplete without you.
We all hope that you get well soon.
So we will rock the world again. Take care dear.

6. I feel really sad to know that you are sick. I hope you will get well soon. Have a speedy recovery, my dear.

7. I came to know that my best buddy is sick. So, I am praying for your a fast and healthy recovery. Get well soon, dear.

8. You will be fine soon. It's just a bad phase in life which will disappear in some time. So be positive and get well soon.

9. Since the day you are sick, there is no joy in life. You are sick but it feels like I am the one who is ill. You are my strength, my power and the only reason I am alive. My darling, there is a lot of good time waiting for us, and we have to live it together. So, let me see your sweet smile and have a speedy recovery.

10. I am the luckiest person in the whole world because I have the most beautiful person in my life. I am sure soon you will be absolutely fine in some days so that we get to create lots of unforgettable moments again. Take care.

11. These days, I am having a fight with God. You know why? Because my sweetheart is down these days. And I won't talk to Him until he gets your health back to normal. My dear love, I am with you, today, tomorrow and every day. So, you don't have to worry all. Just have a speedy recovery.

12. It doesn't matter what kind of situation we are in. It doesn't matter how bad a phase in life is. I was with you, I am with you, and I will be there for you always. There is a lot of good time awaiting us. So get well soon, my love.

13. I don't have flowers. I don't have any special words to say. I just wish to say, "I Love You". I pray for you, my dear. Get well soon, my love.

14. All the time I just think of you. I wish to be with you every time. It makes me feel totally sad to see you so sick and lying on the bed. Please take care of yourself, my dear. Get well soon.

15. There are a million ways to be happy. But you know that you mean the whole world to me. Now that you're sick, how can you expect me to smile? So my dear sweetheart, get well soon and stay healthy.

16. I will do anything to make you happy. I promise to love you till eternity. I love you truly, madly, deeply, my dear. Get well soon.

17. This message comes directly from heaven. God has ordered you to stay happy in every situation. So, now start following his words and smile once, just for me. Get well soon, my love.

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